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Compact water makers for yachts

Schenker water makers have been a household name in the Dutch water sports sector for years. Many a yachtsman has one on board or has recently installed the new ZEN water maker from Schenker.

The low energy consumption and compact dimensions make it possible to install a fully-fledged water maker in a 36-foot yacht or ocean rowing boat. The ZEN 30 supplies 30 liters of drinking water per hour and uses only 120 watts of energy. This energy can be generated with solar panels, for example – making you independent and self-sufficient.

Schenker water makers

In the Netherlands, Schenker is best known for its small water makers, which range from 30 to 150 liters/hour. However, Schenker now also supplies water makers with capacities ranging from 230 or 300 to as much as 500 liters/hour. These all have a low energy consumption of just 20% of that of a conventional water maker.

Installation, repair, and maintenance
For years, we’ve been providing installation, repair, and maintenance services for Schenker water makers. Whether it’s advice, sales, or installation – we have the knowledge.


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