Rainman watermaker

Rainman watermakers are a compact system designed to make drinking water from seawater. The company is known for its portable water makers, which are now also available in a compact built-in version. Rainman uses high-quality components such as the high-pressure pump from General Pumps and membranes from Filmtec. The version with a petrol engine runs on the well-known and reliable Honda and the high-pressure taps and manometers are from NOSHOK. All consumables (such as filters) are brand-independent and can be purchased anywhere in the world.


The system consists of a pressure supply unit (PSU) and a reverse osmosis unit (RO). Both parts are required to make a complete water maker. The PSU sucks up the seawater, filters out the sediment and brings the system to high pressure; the RO unit turns the seawater into drinking water. About 20% of the pumped seawater is converted into drinking water, the other 80% goes overboard and washes away the salt. There are several PSU and RO options to choose from.


The AC system is by far the most popular Rainman water maker. It is a very simple and very reliable system that can make up to 140 liters of drinking water per hour.

This system can be supplied either portable or with an installation kit and is available in 230 VAC 50 Hz and 110VAC 60Hz.


The 12VDC system is the water maker that consumes the least energy. It is a very simple and reliable system that can make up to 34 liters of drinking water per hour. Just like the AC water maker, this water maker is available both as a portable and a built-in kit. The Rainman 12VDC system is a great option if there is no inverter with sufficient capacity available or if you are looking for an alternative to a water maker with an energy recovery system.


The original Rainman water maker was released 2014 and was powered by a petrol engine. The reaction from both the industry and users was, “Why didn’t we think of a portable water maker without using electricity before?”

This system does not require an external power source and is ideal if you do not have a generator.
You are not dependent on external power. This gives maximum flexibility to use on board, lend or rent, or use in emergencies. Several RO units with various outputs are also available for this PSU.

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Advantages of a Rainman watermaker

You can easily take a Rainman to another boat or use it in remote places around the world. Take your Rainman with you when you change boats.

By working with the best suppliers, Rainman water makers are of very high quality, ensuring the reliability and longevity of your investment.

Life cycle cost
With modest initial investment and components designed for durability and easy maintenance, the total life cycle cost of a Rianman water maker is minimized.

Global support
A global network of more than sixty dealers is in place to ensure you have support in the far corners of the world. Consumables, such as filters, are standard and readily available.

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