Zeevaart watermaker

Water maker type for maritime

Water maker type for maritime
In maritime navigation, you are dependent on the water maker and therefore you want a reliable water maker that is easy to maintain. The costs of purchase and use are also important.

Value for money
With a Peter Taboada water maker, you get value for money.
The water maker is delivered as a complete set. That means with sand filter, pre-filter, pre-pump, etc. On request we can build the water maker on board, with the different parts or in a frame that can be placed directly on board.

Maintenance of a seagoing water maker
Maintenance consists of rinsing the sand filter, replacing the fine filter, and changing the oil of the high-pressure pump. The display indicates when it is time to change the oil.
The operation of these user-friendly water makers is simple, and a short training session is sufficient for the engineer to handle the water maker responsibly.

The range of standard water makers goes from 5 m3 to 20 m3 per day. If this capacity is not enough, we build machines with a larger capacity.

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