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What we do
Holland Nauta helps you to design, install and maintain your watermaker. We do the design in-house and the installation and maintenance is done by our own engineers, all in one hand with short lines and direct contact with the people who know what is installed on board.

The choice of a watermaker requires a personal approach. It is important to first identify use and sailing area to find the right watermaker for you.

Zeevaart Watermaker

Water maker installation for

Laura Dekker World Sailing Foundation

Huge thanks to #hollandnauta for their continued support not only in providing watermarking solution for Guppy but now also onboard the Havorn ( my dad’s boat). Fresh water is of great importance onboard, and by being able to desalinate it ourselves, we become a lot more self-sufficient and able to explore more remote and awesome places without worrying where to get fresh water or taking water from already dry countries.
Binnenvaart watermaker

Type of use and sailing area
Are you employed in seagoing or inland navigation, is the watermaker for professional use or do you plan to sail your yacht to the Mediterranean or beyond? What is the daily consumption of drinking water and/or do you want to flush salt water from the boat?

Our delivery programme is divided into four different areas, seagoing, inland navigation, yachting and land applications.

The different types of watermaker are included for each area. Of course, there is an overlap in applications, but each area, seagoing vessels, inland navigation, yachting and land applications, has its own specific solution.

Water maker brands for different applications in seagoing vessels
We import watermakers of the brand Peter Taboada, a robust professional watermaker in 316 stainless steel. For inland navigation and land applications, we apply the brackish water systems of Peter Taboada together with a pre-filter system developed by us. For yachts, we use the Schenker ZEN series, a modern, compact low-energy watermaker that is especially suitable for yachts where energy consumption is an important consideration.

The Rainman and the Smartbox are mobile watermakers, suitable for both land and sea applications. The Rainman is very suitable for turning seawater into drinking water.

Installing a watermaker on your ship?

Holland Nauta helps you to design, install and maintain your watermaker. Do you want to install a watermaker on your ship? Or does your watermaker need maintenance or repair? Then get in touch!