Our nautical applications

Bunkering drinking water at the bunker terminal is not always a matter of course nowadays, especially if you sail a ship with hotel facilities for your passengers. Due to the limited space to install sufficient drinking water tanks to supply passengers with drinking water for several days, it is necessary to bunker frequently. A water maker is a solution to this problem. The tanks can be much smaller and during the trip or night, the water supply is brought up to standard. The same solution also applies to cargo ships where a saving of 10 tonnes of water can also mean 10 tonnes of extra cargo. In many ships, the water tank has been separated from the fuel or wastewater tank by a steel bulkhead since construction. According to the new guidelines of IL&T, this is no longer permitted. But a water maker also offers advantages when renewing the existing tank. For inland navigation, we supply the brackish water solution of Peter Taboada and install a filter system developed by us. This filter system consists of a sand filter, filtration to 1-micron, anti-scaling as post filtration and a resuspension filter to add the extracted minerals back into the drinking water. After the hydrophore, we place a system with UV light and a carbon filter to stop possible contamination from the tank and to ensure that each tap point receives clean and reliable water.